I am a massage therapist.  Today, a new client came for a massage and instead of getting the kind of massage she usually gets, “lots of digging and torture”, she requested a relaxing massage.  Good for her!  She listened to that inner guidance that told her to nurture instead of torture!

As a massage therapist, what I noticed about her was that she couldn’t totally “let go”.  If I lifted her shoulder blade up, she tried to assist me.   If I lifted her arm, she held it up for me.  As a therapist, this makes it really difficult to work on someone; the best client is the one who can come in and be a total gumby on the table.  The only thing you have to do as a client is turn over onto your other side.  Other than that, you be the clay and we sculpt away.

It occurred to me that this is how most of us live our lives–we think we have to MAKE everything happen.  Instead of trusting the Universe to weave its web and handle things for us, we try to control it all.  It’s hard to do, to JUST LET GO, but if we could grasp this idea we would see the ease in life and watch it unfold.

Sure, every now and then we need to take action–to roll over.  For the most part though, if we could repeat the mantra “just let go” and incorporate it into our busy lives as often as possible and on the massage table, we just may see and feel the relaxing effects of the Universal Law of Life assisting us into a beautiful sculpture–a true work of art!