“I love the responsibility of being a second mom to dogs and cats–they are pure joy and deserve to be at home and happy while their family travels.

JOEYALVINAll the animals I care for are individuals–with their own special qualities–some more challenging than others but I love them all! I want to make their lives as stress free as possible so be sure to clue me in on all their rituals.


“Tara far surpasses any of our previous petsitters. So much so, that I can not only entrust our dogs, cats and birds to her excellent care but no longer have to send my horse to a stable. All the animals love her. With Tara caring for all my animals, I can now truly take vacations without the constant worry about what is going on at home, are my animals okay. We couldn’t ask for a better petsitter”   Cris D. 


“Tara is terrific with our dog. He gets so excited every time he sees her. She’s been a real lifesaver. We’re so happy to have found her. Definitely recommend to friends all the time (and they feel the same way we do)” Helenann H.

BRYCELOVESTARA“Dependable, responsible, able to handle all types of dogs with varying dispositions, a true dog lover who really makes you feel like your dog is her one and only and special”  Linda and Len P.


“Thank you in advance for keeping our “puppy” company and for taking care of him during this time. He always seems very secure when we return from our trips.” L.P.

Dogs are so joyful and being able to spend time with them enhances the level of joy I get to experience!


I always miss them immensely after I leave.


The thought of these beauties in a kennel is incomprehensible–they love home!SAMUI





This little guy was quivering in a corner when I arrived the first time.  He had some bad pet sitter experiences.  I earned his trust quickly and he relaxed and enjoyed our time!



I’ve always had a connection to animals.  As a young girl, I wanted to be a Veterinarian.   Unfortunately I had a high school counselor who told me I wasn’t strong enough in the Sciences.  Sadly, I believed her. finnskissYears later I studied the human body and got my Masters Degree in Exercise Science.  I’ve always longed for dogs and cats and horses, though, so it just makes sense that I do what I do!  I love my natural connection to these amazing animals!

I appreciate your trust. I know it’s a big deal to leave your home and your animals in my care and I do not take the responsibility lightly.


If you have your dates, please let me know at your earliest convenience since my schedule has been booking up quickly.  Email:   (310) 617-7501

Petsitting Rates:

Every home is different and the responsibilities may be more or less.  Final rates will be quoted on site.

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