“I feel like I’ve known you forever and I just met you an hour ago–you’re so calm and peaceful, easy to be with” Nicki, Cliffside Malibu

“The level of inspiration and positive spirit you bestow on others around you on a daily basis make you special and unique.  Your purpose here on Earth is being fulfilled..” E. Avila, Teacher

“I met Tara 2 years ago while attending a meetup.com hike. I was immediately impressed by the way she interacted with me and everyone else in the group. Her engaging, soft-spoken personality made me feel welcome and comfortable In what would normally be a difficult social situation – one where you don’t know a single soul.  Debra Straume,  fellow hiker and outdoor enthusiast.


“Not just anyone can lead a hike successfully.  Most people need an especially patient, skilled leader whose talents are both physical and psychological.  Tara Berro is that person.”  No one is a worse hiker than I am in both attitude and agility.  The only person who has ever gotten me onto a hiking path and kept me motivated and  safe is Tara. I never believe I’ll be able to complete the hike.  With Tara, somehow, I always do.  And then I’m happy.” Arnold Shapiro, Oscar/Emmy Award Winning Producer

“It was one of the highlights of my trip to have met you and spent some meaningful moments with you.  I also loved our hikes.   That’s one good reason for us to return to Malibu.   Thank you again for being so kind, and open and funny!”  Dalia R.
group ahead on ray miller trail

“I knew I was stressed out, but I had no idea there was so much stress in my body, I honestly think you saved my life”   Camillo G.

“I’ve had lots of massages and they do their thing–it’s just a body thing.  With you, I feel your energy, so it is truly mind and body energy together and it is good” Lauren R.

“I have received massages from multiple people in my long and active life, and the results over the years have been a mixed bag. Some masseuses have been able to absolutely smooth my journey for a bit, while others have only served to exacerbate my complaints. I met Tara first as a friend and only after knowing her for some time did I decide to become a massage client of hers. She has an intuitive understanding of the ways my body works best, and not only that she knows how to help redirect that energy to a place of positive healing. I am grateful for the times I get my massage from Tara, and she helps me feel better” Julie D.


“Tara far surpasses any of our previous petsitters. So much so, that I can not only entrust our dogs, cats and birds to her excellent care but no longer have to send my horse to a stable. All the animals love her. With Tara caring for all my animals, I can now truly take vacations without the constant worry about what is going on at home, are my animals okay. We couldn’t ask for a better petsitter”   Cris D.

“Tara is terrific with our dog. He gets so excited every time he sees her. She’s been a real lifesaver. We’re so happy to have found her. Definitely recommend to friends all the time (and they feel the same way we do)” Helenann H.


“Dependable, responsible, able to handle all types of dogs with varying dispositions, a true dog lover who really makes you feel like your dog is her one and only and special”  Linda and Len P.

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