It was Friday night.

I was walking alone through the Third Street Promenade, an area in Santa Monica where people hang out, go to restaurants, stores, and enjoy being out in the air with friends.

There I was, yoga mat under my arm, it felt good to know I had somewhere to go.

Fresh out of a long term relationship, I had a limited number of friends and I was feeling  a strong sense of lonliness.  In one moment, I felt alone with nothing to do and no one to do it with, yet in the next moment I felt complete.

The fact that I was going to Yoga was such a comfort to me…for the first time, I thought of Yoga as my friend.

Yoga isn’t just something you do, it is a tangible effect that comes forth out of something one is committed to.

Yoga is literally a gift I’ve given myself—the cultivation of my yoga practice has given me something I can count on in times where I need to nurture ME.

Just like any other relationship, practicing Yoga hasn’t always been smooth sailing.

There have been frustrating and challenging times as well as euphoric and fulfilling times.

I could have given up on it a while ago and looked around for some other challenge to take on, but I stayed with it and just keep riding its waves of pleasure and pain.

Just like a friendship, Yoga is a practice and a process.

Anyone who has practiced yoga knows that it is a journey that takes courage and grace to navigate.

I had a friend on Friday night.  Yoga was the friend that showed up for me.  I am so thankful I have taken the last 17 years to invest in me—something I could count on being there when I need it most.  I had a friend to hang out with on Friday night and that friend was me–on my mat!