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“I am this trail.  I am these trees.  I am this rain. I am this breeze”.

These are the words I would repeat in my mind in an effort to take the pain in my knee away!

I was at about mile 2 of the Tough Topanga 10K when my Tensor Fasciae Latae seized up and made my knee throb in pain.  This is a hard,  tendinous muscle and when it’s tight, the  knee tracks incorrectly.

I knew that it was simply a tight tendon and I could calm it down later–I was determined to finish the race without walking, so I kept running through it.


I decided, with all I’ve learned about the power of the mind,  I would put this to the test!

As a hiking guide, I tell this tip to many people who are having a hard time getting up the hill.  The mind chatter can sometimes take you down and,  I’ve discovered, there is a way up and around  all that discouraging chatter!

Instead of focusing on the pain, I turned my attention to the present moment and began my mental mantras to keep me there.





I finished the run with ease.  Sure, I still had some pain but I didn’t feel it while I was running.

Fast forward about 2 months later and 20 miles up the coastline, I’m training a client at the Malibu Gym when one of the members asks, “hey Tara, did you run the Tough Topanga 10K back in May?”

Tough 10K.jpg



He continued, “I was the person at the finish line clicking all the times.  Of all the people I saw cross that finish line, you looked absolutely EUPHORIC–truly at EASE.”

Wow, how about that!

Even though I was in pain, I was able to take myself to my only point of power and be fully present.  I crossed the finish line looking euphoric and serene because I was in a vortex of energy in its most powerful form–the present moment!

There is something so amazing when you live in the present moment.  Magic and miracles happen there, I’m going to be hanging out HERE more often!


Lifted Up

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I was out walking the dogs and was deep inside my head with lots of chatter. Sometimes the chatter is really blissful and empowering and other times the chatter is somewhat dark and disempowering.

I’m aware of the chatter while it’s happening and most of the time it’s easy to turn it down or off, but for some reason today I was a bit stuck in there.

As we walked by a young man and his little dog, we greeted each other (the dogs greet one another and I greet the doggy too). This little dog was so cute and sweet and easy with being approached rather abruptly by Sebastian and Josephine.

“Blossom” was her name and her essence just pulled me out of my head and into the present moment. I felt my energetic vibration lift and the feeling was palpable! Not only did her energy lift mine, but mine was very uplifting to the young man walking her as well.

The cool thing–about dogs–they have the ability to transform your experience and your energy! I would not have wanted my lower, chattery vibration to affect the young man I came in contact with. Instead, all the energy was lifted up. Thank you dogs!

If you don’t have your own dog, I suggest going out and borrowing someone else’s dog. Or, go to a doggy park and watch the joy abounding! Dogs deliver the bliss in boat loads!!!