Feeling Freedom


I’m having a hard time finding words for all of the feeling–I caught a glimpse of it this last week.  

I felt safe and secure, deeply safe and secure, yet all the indicators in the physical world would not convince you of my security.IMG_0146

I live week to week.    I have no savings account and I am deeper in debt than I care to convey.

Now, knowing that, you’d think I walk around in fear and doubt and worry all the time.  You’d think I cut up my credit cards and cut myself off from everything I want.


I enjoy life and try to live with total ease and joy–regardless of my financial situation.  Life is more than money–life is energy!

More important than the status of my financial books is the FEELING of freedom.  Freedom comes from feeling not from having.  

The soul wants to experience life it isn’t interested in accomplishments!

Yes, while there are times I yearn for a “real” job that pulls in “real” money, for the most part I am happy to be living this life I’m living.  I enjoy freedom and yes, even multiple streams of income.  Just when I think there is no more money to pay the bills, I get another check from an unexpected job and it always seems to arrive at the opportune time.

At the depth of this feeling, is pure knowing that everything will always be okay.  It always is.  Everything always works out for me.IMG_0492


As Donya Ture’ writes in her book, Free Falling Into Your Higher Self, “The logic behind your free fall into a new belief system is because you realize that there is no wordily explanation for life and therefore the impossible, the mystical or even the magical must actually be possible.”

Now, I’m clear that some will say I’m just an idiot and that I should be planning for my retirement and I should be planning to get out of debt and I should be planning to be wealthy.   Planning, planning, planning!

I say, “screw your plans.”  Life is truly about living  NOW.  Having said that,  it is true, I am simply soothing myself and the situation I am in rather than focusing on what’s wrong with it.  I have nothing against planning for the future.  I am happy though.

All of the warnings I receive feels like a fear based way of being.  I don’t want to feed the fear.

I want to bask in the feelings of enoughness, fullness, all that is– wellness!

So, that’s what I will do.  It will be challenging because of the world I live in.  Every way I turn, there will be more INFORMATION to remind me how irresponsible I’m being.  My work, no, my JOY will be to transcend those thought forms, those limiting beliefs and just BE.  I AM WAKING UP from the reality that I have created in the past.  Glimpses of awakening are soooooooo sweet!

Life is so full.  It’s full of a vastness that, once experienced, is irresistible and intoxicating.  I want to spend more time there!IMG_1167

The sweetest twist of all of this are the experiences that show up.  The more I anchor myself in this knowing, the more opportunities arise–they already have!  This is a vibrational Universe, when you raise your vibration by looking for beauty, finding ways to appreciate and have gratitude for the wonders around you, those feelings will draw similar experiences to you.  And who knows, maybe in the form of money!  Money IS energy and it’s always circulating in my midst.

No, I don’t chase money any longer.  Instead I chase the present moment where everything thrives if we will allow it.


Money is NOT the source of happiness.  Freedom does not come from having money, BUT having money may just come from feeling FREEDOM!







Sweet & Simple: A Story About The Law of Attraction!

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This is a sweet story about The Law of Attraction.

We think it all has to be so hard, but when you understand that the Law of Attraction is on your side, it really is so simple.

Jessica is a new college graduate. She moved from Michigan to New York City for an internship position with a well known magazine. Unfortunately, they aren’t paying her so she is not making money.

She finds herself wanting many things but knows she can’t afford most of the things she desires. Recently, she felt like she needed a plant in the apartment–something to liven up the place.

She went online and started looking at Orchids.

Jessica has always had an eye for beauty.

Of course, an orchid is probably the most beautiful and the most expensive plant, but that is what she was truly drawn to. She studied all the different varieties and really admired the beauty of them all.

She spent lots of time imagining how it would warm her apartment in a most beautiful way.

She finished her search with a strong wanting–just not knowing HOW she would get an orchid.   She had no feelings of NEED or GOTTA HAVE, just a sweet appreciation of the beauty it could bestow.

The next day at her internship job, she looked next to the garbage can and noticed that someone had placed an orchid (the stems were bare–no longer flowering) next to the garbage can.

She asked her boss, “do you think someone is throwing that out, can I take it”? Her boss replied, “if it is still there by the end of the day, you can have it”.

Jessica was so excited! The end of the day came and the dried up orchid was still there.

She took home an orchid within one day of her searching, desiring,  and longing for one!

The thing about The Law of Attraction is–it won’t always look exactly the way you think it should.  Jessica got her orchid, without the beauty of the flowers, but she got what she wanted and it only took one day!  And, we all know that those flowers will appear again with time!

The key to “letting it happen” is wanting without needing.

She didn’t put up walls of resistance regarding the wanting of it. She simply wanted so strongly and then let go of the strong wanting. She didn’t get so tormented over wanting it and not knowing how she could get it.

She shot her rocket of desire out into the world and it shot right back to her just like a boomerang! Ahh, ya gotta love The Law of Attraction!!!