I Am A Tree Today

View this post on Instagram Today was all about trees. I started my yoga practice amongst the trees, then I walked through the most beautiful neighborhood full of trees. I felt their amazing energy. Trees are the quintessential observers of life. We are very much like trees. We stand up tall, we have a crownContinue reading “I Am A Tree Today”

Outside Is Open!

I’m a lucky woman! I live in Ventura county and we did not have as many cases and as many deaths as Los Angeles county and surrounding counties so the trails are open! Wow, what a difference riding my bike on the trail makes! It was lovely out there today. I saw a kick assContinue reading “Outside Is Open!”

Inactivity Hurts!

It feels like my HANDS are getting out of shape! This is me looking very professional as a Massage Therapist. While I’m still getting my exercise, it feels like my HANDS are getting out of shape! I haven’t massaged any BODY in over a month! I can still get out and practice yoga, walk allContinue reading “Inactivity Hurts!”

I Am My Primary Care Physician!

Are you good at listening to your body and resting when it tells you to rest? Or are you someone who pushes through and just keeps on pushing until you get slapped down sick? Today I had to go slow and lay flat on my back most of the day napping, hydrating. and sleeping— doingContinue reading “I Am My Primary Care Physician!”

Life Doesn’t Have To Look A Certain Way!

This is about as close as I’ll ever get to motherhood.  I knew from a young age, deep within my soul, I should never have kids.  Not sure why, it was just a VERY STRONG KNOWING.  It’s the first thing I’ve known FOR SURE, an intuitive knowing that I did not question. Every mom I’veContinue reading “Life Doesn’t Have To Look A Certain Way!”

Time To Embrace My Wrinkles

Hey, Happy Earth Day! As I stand here in front of the Mountain Lilac, I am learning to embrace my wrinkles!  I’m sure this will not be a popular trend but I’ve never gone along with the trends easily. I feel like we are all so obsessed with beauty and perfection. Every time we lookContinue reading “Time To Embrace My Wrinkles”