Diary of A Massage Therapist–Energy!

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Sometimes it’s nice to be able to share with someone at the end of a gratifying day, but since I had no one in my physical space to share with, I’m sharing with you!

I’ve been giving and receiving massages almost 30 years.
I don’t express enough gratitude for having learned the art of giving massages. I am grateful. The more I give, the better I get. massagetherapistTARA

I must say, tonight was the QUINTESSENTIAL night for giving massages. All the people MATCHED my energy fully. I shared what I know and they openly received.

To feel a body shift and let go is a really cool feeling. The more present I become, the more tuned in I am.

Tonight, it was all about positive energetic exchange. I’ve learned over the years that energy IS the real deal.

Perhaps the best part of the night was my last client. Usually by 8:15 most therapists are wanting to go home. I’m usually one of them!

But tonight, I was looking forward to another person and their energy to flow with. This woman was so complimentary and appreciative. She kept thanking me for what I do. The last half of the massage, she remained silent and felt all the energy moving through her body.

When she emerged from the room, she was full of gratitude and said, “don’t stop doing what you’re doing, you are meant to do this.” She then handed me my tip which from most clients is $20. This, as I noticed later, was a $50. Now, this is on top of a $47 massage.

No, it’s not about the money but it was a bit of a thrill to receive the extra, unexpected cash. So I say to you, don’t stay stuck on what you “should” tip. If you’re feeling it, GIVE GENEROUSLY! It’s a thrill to receive more than we expect.

And just to confirm it wasn’t about the money, on the Wednesday following that blissful Saturday night, my last client of the day was an elderly woman. She was soft spoken and didn’t speak english all that clearly.

Her limbs totally relaxed and she didn’t fight any movement I made. Her breathing was deep and relaxed. Her energy was AMAZING! She was in bliss. Her tip was $13, far below what we like to receive.

I told the manager that I would work on that woman over and over, regardless of the minimal tip. I LOVED HER ENERGY and she loved mine.

Really, it’s true, EVERYTHING IS ENERGY! Not everyone can feel it but it’s there.

Yesterday a client FELT the energy for sure!

When she emerged from the room she said, “WOW, WHAT WAS THAT!” She made sure to tell me that she isn’t some spiritual “energy” kind of person but what she felt
was an unexplainable “energetic rush of positive energy.”

At the end of the massage, I did some energy balancing with my hands. She was breathing really hard so I thought she had fallen asleep. She said, “oh no, I wasn’t asleep I was breathing as deep as I could to continue to take in what felt like more positive energy than I knew what to do with!”

I told her my technique. And here it is and here is my prayer for you:
I say my version of the “Namaste” prayer silently in my mind and I see and FEEL all the words for both of us while using my hands as an energetic way of holding that loving energy.

EASE and


Now, go treat yourself to a loving massage!


Giving Feels Good!


I just spent time with a newer friend–I’m finding out so much about her that I hadn’t known before.

She’s a giver.

She helps so many charities– homeless shelters, foster children and  more.

It’s funny, I just gave a little of my time with a warm heart.  She wanted to start writing a blog, that was something I could contribute.     Someone,  about 4 years ago,  did that for me so I wanted to pay it forward to someone who really wants to write and share some of the amazing things she’s up to.      http://saralevymusic.wordpress.comSaraLevy

Maybe I’ve never been a big giver in that regard because I never thought I had enough to give.

When you grow up in a home where everyday there is just enough to get by, a pattern just takes place in the center of you and you just keep living it on into your life.

It took me some years to learn that money and giving are not synonymous–there are many ways in which to give.

Yes, I’m still “just getting by” in the financial sense but that doesn’t have to affect what I can give of myself and my  abilities.

Today I gave my time and my little bit of knowledge about what  it takes to get started writing a blog.  She was an eager participant and it was such a thrill to see her so happy about such a simple thing. Giving Feels Good!

 I can only imagine how happy Sara must feel because she’s always giving.  It seems like her entire life revolves around giving–what a gift that must be!  photo-5

What a lesson I learned today–some people are just so amazing with what they give and when you give you feel almost more fulfilled than the person receiving!

The other day, I parked in Santa Monica and was getting out of my car to go grab an espresso.  A homeless woman came up and asked me for money.  I said,  “I don’t have any  money but do you need something else–I’ve got a trunk full of things.”

She looked at my glamorously full trunk and said, “oh, can I have that backpack?

“Absolutely”, I replied– I removed the things I had inside the bag and gave it to her.  She was thrilled, her eyes lit up and she was really happy.  I was even more happy that I could create that thrill within her being.

It feels good  to GIVE!

Group prayer for Sunday:

Dear God,
May all who hunger be fed,
and some be fed by me.
May all who suffer be healed,
and some be healed by me.
May all who fear feel loved,
and some feel loved by me.
Heal my life that I might be
a channel of deliverance
in the lives of others.
And so it is.
Amen              Marriane Williamson