Recently, I’ve had the “forgiveness” conversation with people.

I’ve heard a common theme that troubles me.

People seem to have varying degrees of forgiveness.  It seems that some things are acceptable to forgive yet others are not so acceptable.  Gosh, that doesn’t sound like forgiveness to me.2012-02-19 11.59.27

I was telling someone that I was going to a friend’s  house to watch the movie  “Powder”.  I had watched it the first time in 1995, the year that it was released,  and remembered what an impact it had on me.

She exclaimed, “I won’t watch THAT movie because a child molester was the Director of it”.

Gosh, I know that being a child molester is not acceptable AT ALL, but must we always carry that with us and NEVER forgive a person?

Are there degrees of forgiveness?  Are there some things we just shouldn’t forgive?  I’m troubled by the rigidity of that!

Somehow, if you can forgive some things but not other things, I think maybe you just don’t know what forgiveness is.

The way that I understand forgiveness is to be able to see someone through the eyes of Source.  Call it God, Source, All That IS, Unconditional Love.

When you see someone through those eyes, you only see them as the fullness of who they are in all their potential and  beauty.  There is no judgement, no rigidity.

Why are some things considered okay to forgive and other things, well they’re just not acceptable to forgive?

Troubling indeed.

Should we just throw him out with the trash?  The director of this movie spent 10 years in a state prison.  He is an artist and a person.

Should we never allow him to contribute to society again because of his past behavior?

“Powder” was a moving and powerful movie and I highly recommend it.

The woman who would never watch “Powder” told me to go look up some “Ask Abby” response and then I would understand why I should never forgive a child molester.

I opted not to.

I would rather stand in a place of love and compassion than in a place of hate and an unwillingness to forgive.

For all those who would never forgive, I do hope you’ll never have to be the one in a position to be forgiven.theroseintheneighborhood