The other evening I felt myself having withdrawals.  I had been out in the day all day and had no opportunity to go online.  I was missing my Facebook friends!

It was a strange feeling, but it was really clear, I appreciate the relationships I connect to even when I don’t see them in person outside of  my home.IMG_0508

Many people view those who spend hours conversing over photos, status up-dates, and check-ins,  to be somewhat pathetic and disconnected.  They are concerned that we hide behind our computers and don’t go out.  As my former husband once described them, “whack jobs.”

I guess I am now one of those “whack jobs”  and I have tried to help him have some compassion for those of us that appear that way to him and others like him.

I’m living in that world now where I have no significant other to talk to and socialize with at home.  He has a girlfriend he lives with and I have some animals I can hang out with, but no one in person to talk to!  It’s just really great to have connections “out there!”

I’m not unhappy or lonely, but it does help to have my Facebook friends.

I am so thankful for my Facebook friends.  Having you there has helped me through some tough times and having you there has made for some really great memories.

Just because we are connecting over the computer does not make us pathetic and lonely, it enhances the life we’re living.  That’s what I think, anyway. 

I know that many people think all the technology has made us zombies–the texting and the twitter and the list of ways we connect on-line goes on and on.  It is different from when I grew up, but gosh, I’m really grateful.

Yes, I can see the negative aspects of technology, but I always focus on the positive aspects.

I have connected to friends that I thought I’d never see or talk to again.  No, we’re not ALL close, but there are connections.

Connection is one of my highest values in life.  If I’m not on-line connecting, I’m out in the world connecting.  One doesn’t replace the other, but one absolutely enhances the other.

The connections I have attained and maintained baffle my mind as I sit here reflecting.

So many gifts, in the form of people, have come because of this world-wide web and because of the platform Facebook has provided.

My brother (from my father’s second marriage) found me on Facebook.  He grew up, 48 years of life, not knowing he had  sisters.   We have many of the same interests and dreams and our connection will continue on into eternity.TARAreflecting

I’ve heard from people I once knew as few as 10 years ago, been given referrals through them, and created more relationships with new clients and continued friendships from there.  

I’ve re-connected to grade school friends, had rendezvous in Las Vegas, had people visit me here on my home turf, and created continuing support and friendship.

 Thank you for being on my “connection radar!”

 I do go out in the day and mix it up with real live people everyday and I hope most behind their screens do.

 I  feel a connection between so many people out there in the real world and in the virtual web we weave.  Thank you for connecting!