Voice of Reason

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Recently, I’ve been sharing with a friend some of the worst voices in my head. When the words come out into the airwaves, they are harsh and my friend is somewhat horrified by what she is hearing!  “Tara, I’ve never heard you talk this way about yourself!”

The ego that lives inside our heads is downright mean!

Thankfully, she set me straight real fast and I restored my thoughts to the fullness of who I really am.

Sometimes the ego builds us up in a way that is more like puffing us up and sometimes the ego tears us apart in a way that is extremely abusive. Yes, we face the abuse of ourselves every day and it goes on in our own head!

Please, choose a friend that loves and adores you for who you are and start sharing some of the clutter and garbage that lives in your head. Let your friend shake you back to reality, remind you of who you truly are.  Yes, you can also wake yourself up by being aware but it’s good to bring a friend into the mix to make them more aware of their own chatter.

Life is meant to be fun and full of joy. Somewhere along our way, we’ve figured out a way to tear ourselves apart. This way of being isn’t part of the original plan!

Set your ego straight, stop listening to it chatter on and on. Instead, surround yourself with people who really know who you are and see your light shining from afar!

With Or Without You

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I’ve been on my own for 4 years now. In those 4 years, I’ve gone from having 2 or 3 friends to having many. Some of them are there for me regularly, some of them are there for me only sometimes, but there are many to choose from.

It took a while to build up a base but I’m happy to say I’ve done it. What would I be without my friends? Not sure I would be here if I didn’t have them.

One of my friends is such an inspiration. He has so many friends and most of them he met them because of his amazing ability to INITIATE them. I was celebrating my birthday with a girlfriend and my other friend Alexander was going to join us as well. He said he invited a bunch of his friends. There were so many people there and most of them were Alexander’s friends, not mine. I asked each of his friends how they met. All of them said, we just met when we were out and Alex said, “hey, let’s exchange numbers, let’s hang out”.

There aren’t very many people who have that quality. In my world, no one (except Alexander) has that quality. I want to be more like him. I am inspired to be more of an INITIATOR!Thank you!  I feel such fortune in being your friend!

Dig Deep–I Am That

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We stood above a waterfall on the trail. Huge boulders were nuggets in a stream. A tree stuck out among the rocks–its roots looked as if they were going into the rock but they simply went beyond the boulder and into the ground. Another tree had huge thick roots that stuck out above the stream.

All you need to do is stop and look around in nature, nature leaves clues. Everything really does always work out for us!

Nature abounds with continuous proof of abundance!

Tree roots never give up, they always seek to grow. It doesn’t matter if they have to force their way through boulders and rocks, they dig deep and get connected.
If there’s no more room to dig deep, they puff up above the surface and grow that way. Whichever way they can, they’re growing. Trees really do amaze us. Some of them have been around for hundreds of years and have seen and heard so much. Imagine…

I guess they set an example for us humans. How are you growing? Are you growing? Reaching? Digging deep? Sometimes contentment and complacency set in and we no longer strive. To strive and be a bit out of balance is where the thrill of life shakes us up and thrusts us forward. Those trees inspired me today, I will reach higher and deeper than I have before. Life is calling me out into it–I just need to trust it and reach!