Maybe it’s just me, but I Love L A! 

It seems like all I ever hear are people bad mouthing the traffic, the people, the air…pick a topic and Los Angeles seems to be an awful place to  be.

My experience just doesn’t match what everyone is complaining about. 

Just yesterday I was up North in the Oakland area and the local driver was talking about when he lived in L A and all the traffic that just crept along.  I listened and tried not to voice my opinion when all of a sudden we were in traffic that was creeping along.

That was the opinion I was about to voice, “there’s traffic in any city you’re in”.

What is it that you’re focusing on?IMG_0508

Just then he was sharing about a deer that was in his current neighbors yard under an apple tree.  “The deer ate so many apples, it was so full and just didn’t want to move”.  One of the women in the car replied, “we don’t even have deer in Los Angeles”.  Uhh, now I had to interject, “well in my neighborhood, I see deer  once or twice a week AND the deer are either in my backyard or in my neighborhood streets”.  My zip code is 90049 which is a Los Angeles zip code!

Why does everyone think L A is just a cement jungle?

I guess I’m just so fortunate to have lived in gorgeous areas…Malibu, Pacific Palisades, Brentwood.  Then, I heard the same woman say L A had no trees.  Gosh, I was becoming very active in their conversation, “well, I guess that depends on where you spend your time…I’m around trees and trails on a daily basis and I live in L A County anyway!”

Later the same day, a nice guy I had been dating sent me a text saying how happy he was that I wasn’t from L A.  Hmmm? People seem to think that anyone who grew up in L A is somehow snobby or fake.

Yes, I grew up in Michigan, but my heart is from L A and I would never judge all people who grew up in L A as tainted or bad.

In fact, one of my best friends is phenomenal and she is from L A.  I’m sure there are plenty of women who grew up here that aren’t the typical L A women that people have seemingly stereotyped.

I guess if you’re looking and expecting things to look a certain way, they’re going to look that way.

Expect people in L A to disappoint you and they will.  Expect traffic to suck and it will.  The Law of Attraction is always at work in every area of our lives.

I look for the most positive aspects of people and things and I love the people in my surroundings.  I’ve created it and it’s right here in front of me.  What are you expecting?  What do you want to see?  As the old saying says, “you get what you think about whether you want it or not”.

I love L A.  I live in one of the most gorgeous neighborhoods.  The people in my communities are all pleasant and friendly and most of them are real and authentic.  The air I breath is fresh with the ions that make you want to take a deep breath…ocean air and the smell of pine and eucalyptus on my hikes.oceanavenuebliss

Like attracts like so if you’re focusing on the best, you’ll get more proof of the best.
Oh, and when you’ve had your day out in nature, have you been downtown L A lately?  It is full of fabulous energy, culture, art, and entertainment…I LOVE L A!!!!