My life has been so magical lately that I just want to keep on getting out in it and see what happens next.

Today was a really long day…a 3.5 hour mountain bike ride in the heat of the day, 2 hours in the car to and from the trail head and I still found myself wanting to get out there and do something.  Yes, I wanted a nap but honestly, I have been experiencing so much synchronicity that I just pushed through nap time and looked for more life to live.

When life starts to get in the groove and it seems like all cooperative components come together for your good, who wouldn’t want to squeeze more of that out of life?   Here is a recent story:

One of my long time (16 year) training clients is taking a cholesterol lowering medication.  I am not a fan of prescription medicine and this type of drug has many side effects.

I had given him a 3 part article on these effects so that he’d be aware and able to choose for himself. 

I consider it my job to make sure he knows what I know and I try not to shove it down his throat but get him information which he can choose to do (or not do) something about.

On a Wednesday I had given him the articles to read then I saw him again on Saturday.

I had spontaneously sent him an email in the morning suggesting we take a hike instead of meeting at the gym as usual.  To my surprise, he accepted (he hasn’t wanted to hike for about a year).

As we were driving to our hiking location, he explained that he read all three articles and they scared him.  He looked into who wrote the articles and concluded that he wouldn’t trust their word.

He went to The Mayo Clinic site and got the information he wanted to hear…that they were safe and he didn’t need to supplement with CoQ10.   The articles I had given him explained why it was extremely important to take CoQ10 if you were on cholesterol lowering medications.

As he told me, I listened but accepted what he said.  I was just glad that I could do my part and I wasn’t attached to his decision to do (or not do) anything about it.

In the past, however, I would try to convince him every way I could.  This day, though, I just let go and released any attachment to his decision.

On our way back he needed to stop at the pharmacy to pick up a prescription for his wife.  I had never really talked to Raj,  the homeopathic pharmacist (and traditional pharmacist) that he always raved about,  so he was excited that I was along for the ride. 

As he approached the counter, I browsed the isles and the different supplements they carried.  I saw the CoQ10 supplement we had just been talking about and held it up for him and said, “look Arnold, here it is”.

The pharmacy technician at the counter commented on what a great supplement that is…especially for people who are on cholesterol lowering medications.  Arnold said, “oh really, why is that”.

She explained all the technical details and I remained quiet…this was working out perfectly.

Then Arnold asked the pharmacist what he thought of the CoQ10 supplement…Raj agreed, “anyone who is taking a statin should take this, it is so important”.  “Why didn’t Dr. Bateman tell me about this”, Arnold implored?

The pharmacist explained that some doctors stick to their medical training only and don’t look into any alternative options.  In the end, Arnold bought the supplement and I was thrilled.

What was so synchronistic about this was how perfectly all the information I had given him was validated by a brilliant pharmacist that he whole heartedly trusted.  Had I not suggested us taking a hike instead of going to the gym we wouldn’t have been together in the pharmacy and I wouldn’t have picked up the CoQ10 to be our topic of discussion.  It was so fun to witness. 

I didn’t have to be pushy at all…I simply supplied the information, was unattached to the outcome then all cooperative components came together for the good of all.

Another cool part of this story is how Arnold reacted.  Ordinarily, Arnold is such a skeptic regarding the premise of Law of Attraction and Synchronicity, he’s always rolling his eyes at me when I tell my stories.

On this day though,   as we left the pharmacy he said, “you know Tara, that was all very synchronistic…had you not suggested the hike, we wouldn’t have been together to visit the pharmacy”.  I was thrilled that he saw it right away!

I am just loving how this attraction based world of ours works.  Sometimes all ya gotta do is LET GO!!!