A Magical Age–25!!!


A bazaar string of meetings has been happening lately: almost everyone I meet is 25! 

It is really pretty crazy, especially considering I’m over 40!  It all started almost a year ago when I separated from my, then-husband.  It seemed like every guy I met was 25!  I wasn’t going out of my way to meet them:  I was just meeting them everywhere.  It was really starting to be a joke because as soon as I would find out their age, I would laugh out loud because they always told me 25!

After a while, I just took it like something I should expect: everyone is 25!

I remember standing on the corner waiting to cross the street.  I was in my head and thinking about all the 25 year olds I was meeting.  What was it about the age of 25?  It occurred to me then that I was 25 just before I met my husband.  I continued on with my day and later as I talked with a friend on the phone, I shared with her this most recent phenomenon.

She said, “Tara, how old were you when you met Sean”?  I told her I was 25.

She said, “You’re about the seventh person I’ve met who, when they split from their long-time relationship, begin meeting men that are the same age as they were before they got together with their husbands.” 

I was amazed that she had repeated what was in my mind earlier that day.  There was something really strange going on here.

It was as if my energy had gone back to the same vibrational energy as when I was 25!

For a while it seemed like it was only the male 25 year olds…you know the guys with the healthy sex drive.  Soon, though, my female energy started to emerge.  I was no longer just meeting 25 year old men; I was now meeting 25 year old men AND women.

I began meeting women who were 25 plus or minus one year.  One of the women really stands out for me.  I was at a friend’s  “clothes swap.”  As I entered, Brigitte was leaving.  Our introduction was very brief.  All I knew is that she had some amazing energy and she was having a wine event at the restaurant her parents owned on the upcoming Wednesday night.

I knew I wanted to attend that event, not because of the event, but because of her.

It was her energy that drew me in and I was going to be there. 

All of us were invited, but on that Wednesday night, I was the only person from the “clothes swap” that attended.  I found myself surrounded by her and her four friends.  I sat in amazement among these five women all about the age of 25!  Not only were they the magical age, they were all these amazingly creative women.

They had all the qualities I had been dreaming about having.  They had all attended “performing arts” high schools and just thought so freely…way different than me growing up.  I grew up in a traditional public school system where all the teachers did all the same formal routine.  There was no sense of creativity.

It was just so amazing to be sitting amongst them, because for years I had longed to express my creativity.  I always yearned to write; yet never seemed to find the confidence to get my writing out there.  I always wanted to collaborate and write songs (I write lyrics) yet had no feeling of mastery since I had never had any schooling.  For me, in my mind, I believed you had to take classes and certifications in order to be considered an expert.  What business did I have pursuing song writing?  They changed that thought and have been urging forth my creativity ever since.

Just being in their presence was so inspiring.

Their creativity and their willingness to express it was such an inspiration to me.

Brigitte and her friends were really the first bit of encouragement I received in the world of collaboration and sharing creativity.  It’s just so cool to know that being creative doesn’t have to involve comparisons or judgments.   I am still friends with Brigitte, the woman I met that day at the clothes swap.  We are now collaborating on an amazing project!

It’s now almost a year later and I am still meeting people who are the magical age of 25.  The other night, just for fun, I took the Facebook “real age quiz”.  As I was answering the questions, I was also answering texts from a young man (age 25 …of course!)  He is one of the few that ask my age.  I responded… “Age is only a number and numbers are limiting”.  As the texts continued back and forth, I received my final result from the “real age quiz”… 25!

I guess I am living life from that vibration.

I like the way Bob Doyle describes The Law of Attraction in his Wealth Beyond Reason program, “The universe is all energy and all energy vibrates…energy that is vibrating at a particular frequency will attract other energy that is in resonance with it.” 

Story after story just continues and, honestly, my friends that hear about my daily escapades are in a bit of disbelief at the unending stream of my 25-year-old meetings.

This morning, Michael Bernard Beckwith of The Agape Spiritual Center said, “you are an eternal Broadcast.”  That made a lot of sense to me regarding the magical age.  There is something definitely magical about being 25 for me.  If your chronological age is 25 (or whatever your unique magical age is), embrace it, enjoy it and don’t be surprised if the age comes back and haunts you someday in the future!

The Life You Envisioned?


Is your life everything you envisioned it to be?  This is a question someone asked me the other day.  My guess is he was looking at my life and wondering how I could possibly be happy.

I admit, I am a woman and I do think too much, but I was left feeling a little defensive and it made me really look at my life and wonder.

The answer was quite clear today as I rode my bike along the 25  mile stretch of bike path from Pacific Palisades to Palos Verdes.

I am living something I envisioned for many years.  Since the age of 10, I have wanted to live in Southern California.  I grew up in Michigan and did not entirely enjoy the weather or the lifestyle.

I never seemed to fit in.

The winter weather was harsh and the summers were way too short.  I spent most of my adult years hanging out in fruit markets or the couple of health food stores that existed then.   In the summertime, I tried to ride my bike as much as possible.  I rode to work and on my days off I rode along Edward Hines Drive…a long, lovely stretch of highway with parks all along.

The fact is, I love to play, move my body and be outside.  I have envisioned the life I’m living for many years and I AM living it now!

In college (while still in Michigan), there was a cafeteria that pumped music inside.  Everyday, I stopped into the DJ and requested my one and only song.

All he had to do is see my face to know it was time to play, “California Dreamin”.  I was 18 years old and the dream was strong.

Colleges and Universities kept me in Michigan.  If I wasn’t in college, it was a job or a boyfriend that seemed to tie me to that state.  I started to wonder if I would ever make it out of Michigan?

I taught Aerobic Fitness classes and at the end of every class I played some relaxation music and had my students (and myself) lie on their backs and visualize a place they wanted to be.

I had a couple of favorite songs I used for this segment of class but the best was “Summer” by War.  Interestingly, years later I identified one of the lyrics that I had never really heard clearly before… “from Atlantic City to out in Malibu or anywhere between I’m telling you when you feel those balmy breezes on your face, Summertime is the best time anyplace”. 

I had heard the part about the balmy breezes, but  Malibu didn’t come clear to me until many years later.

When my husband and I sold everything we owned and drove someone’s car out (the day after we received our Masters Degree), the first place we lived was Malibu!

The lyrics in the song brought me to Malibu…what are the chances of that?  We moved without having a car, a job, or a place to live.  We wound up in a most magical place that is still home to me.

We carved out a life for ourselves that went right along with what we envisioned.  We were active, working out in the gym and enjoying the nature abounding all around us…hiking, mountain biking, and horseback riding.

We lived in Malibu  on a private horse ranch.

One of my biggest dreams as a girl was to learn to ride and spend loads of time with horses. That happened for me as well. 

My landlord took me to riding clinics and taught me everything I could want to know about horses.  I bonded with a special horse and felt an intense amount of love and sensitivity.

Another long time dream–I met one of my bodybuilding heroes at the gym I work at.  For years, while still living in Michigan, I devoured every magazine article I could find about her–I adored her.  Then, one day, she was being introduced to me at The Malibu Gym–my workplace!

Today, I looked to my right and the waves were crashing, then I looked to my left and was awestruck by the snow capped mountains in the distance.

In my visualizations at the end of those aerobic classes,  I always saw myself living in a place with the ocean on one side and the mountains on the other.  I was vibrant and healthy and happy.

A good many years have passed–things have changed and my former husband and I have gone in different directions.  For the last 6 years, I live on my own–sort of.  This is probably why the question was asked from the man who asked.

Ron is a visitor of Will who lives in the guesthouse on the property that I have my office.  I live in the main house with a woman.  I have my own bedroom/bathroom and entrance.

My office, however, is out beyond the pool across from Will’s guesthouse.  Will’s visitor sees me “wandering about” as he calls it (he’s Australian).  My office beyond the pool is a 1 room building lodged up against the mountainside.  There isn’t a bathroom so I need to walk up the stairs to the main house if I need to use the bathroom.

I guess, to the onlooker, this doesn’t look all that glamorous and one would think that a woman my age would be established and living alone in a place where there were bathrooms to use without hiking all over the property.

I can only surmise that his interpretation of my life is that I am not happy with where things are.

Oh, I’m sure I could have more and be more and thrive more, but I embrace where I am. Almost all I envisioned came true for me.

In my eyes I have everything I need and there’s always something we could complain about.  And yes, I am envisioning new desires…I certainly haven’t stopped envisioning my life.

There are new orders I have placed with the Universe and until they arrive, I will be happy with my life NOW.

But, to answer the question, “is your life everything you envisioned it to be”?  Yes, indeed it is.  It is richer and warmer and more wonderful than I envisioned it.  So many dreams have come true…
My life is everything I envisioned and more.  Experiences, relationships, and places are the wonder all around me.

I live in bliss on a daily basis. 

From your perspective or Ron’s perspective it may not look that great, but this is my life,  I am happy,  I am fulfilled and I am so glad I know that this is the life I have envisioned and the life I AM envisioning is coming into existence as I write!!!

Be Open

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One of my favorite affirmations these days is, “I AM OPEN TO EVERYTHING AND ATTACHED TO NOTHING”.

When I live with this intention, some of the most amazing things happen.

Last weekend, a series of events occurred that reinforce my belief in staying tapped in, tuned in, and turned on to the positive flow of energy all around us.

I had the opportunity to attend my high school reunion.  At first, I didn’t think I was going to go.

All the names of the people who RSVP’d were people that I didn’t hang out with in high school. They were all the jocks and I knew them but I didn’t have a strong bond with them. Then,  I thought I should put my name on the RSVP list so that I might attract some of the people I did hang out with.

When I arrived at the reunion, I studied the list of people who were inside the room already and not one of them stood out as someone I wanted to reconnect with.

This was not a good attitude and I decided to change it immediately.

I decided to go in and find out about people instead of go in and feel like I had no connection.  That is exactly what I did. I love finding out about people in general and I went into my interview mode. I loved it.

I had so much fun and started to feel a connection brewing.

Then, I noticed NOBODY was dancing. I grabbed a couple of women (who I did not know) and began dancing. We managed to recruit a guy out there with us who recruited another guy.

By the end of the night, as the song “Last Dance” by Donna Summer played (1978), almost everyone in the room was out there on the floor. I was glowing with joy.

Even though I didn’t really know these people in high school, I knew them now and created a connection out on that floor.

Later in the evening as I talked to one of the guys who had organized the event, I found out that his mother still kept in touch with his brothers widow. My very best friend from the age of 3 married his brother (his brother has since passed on). I haven’t spoken to her in a VERY long time. At the age of 16, she got caught up in a downward spiral of drugs and sex and I don’t know what else. We ended our friendship. We had been friends from the age of 3 until 16.

The long and the short of all of this is…I believe the reason I went to that reunion was not to dance the night away with a bunch of people I didn’t really know, but it was to get the number of my childhood soul mate. We were so close, we were so connected, we knew everything about each other and vowed to always be friends so it was extra devastating to have that end.  I always felt a deep empty space in my heart where Annette once lived.

I called my friend the next night (Johnnies mom gave me her phone number).

She has been clean and sober for 12 years now.

We exchanged our small talk and then really started to share ourselves with each other. We had so much in common, we were both on a clear spiritual path and we both cared about our health and well being.  It’s as if our life path’s reconnected at the perfect place.

She told me she had had a dream about me a few weeks earlier. She woke up from the dream feeling really good. Clear.

I asked her where she worked and when she told me the name of the restaurant–wow,  my mom and I had been in there about a month ago. It was a little out of the ordinary since it wasn’t a place near where we live. Then, she told me her first memory of me. The crazy thing is, I had been thinking about that incident it a–wondering if it really happened or.

We were 3 and 4 years old, throwing rocks to each other and she threw a rock at me and I have the scar to prove it on my forehead. I was never sure if that was how I got the scar….she confirmed that the memory was very vivid in her mind.

The 13 years we were friends growing up felt like a lifetime and the over 25 years we haven’t spoken didn’t even feel as long as the time we spent living life to the fullest in our childhood. We are friends again and we will always be friends now. My Thanksgiving couldn’t have been more perfect.

The moral of the story is…be OPEN TO EVERYTHING AND ATTACHED TO NOTHING. I wasn’t going to let the fact that I knew no one at my high school reunion stop me from attending. Had I been attached to the outcome of the reunion (a friend of mine thought I might meet the next love of my life), I would not have been open to the events that followed.

Imagine what I would have missed had I not gotten interested in others–I would have never found out about my long lost friend from her brother-in-law, Johnnie!

I have the first friend I’ve ever known in my life back in my life.annetteandtarayellowflowers


Gotta Love Smaller Guys


I have been in the “body business” for a very long time. I am at a place where I am looking back and seeing clearly where I’ve been and absolutely love where I’m at now.

I once struggled against my body and always seemed to want it to be different than it was–that sounds familiar doesn’t it?

We always want something different than what we have. People are always asking me how to gain muscle mass, how to get rid of the roll around their abdominal area, how to get more muscle tone, etc. Unfortunately, when we focus on what is wrong with our bodies, we keep getting what’s wrong….the Law of Attraction works on our body as well.

There are many technical answers to all those questions and I usually give them the strategies to make their dreams come true, but I always turn it back to embracing where they are and giving most of their thoughts to what they want to see and not on what’s “wrong” with them. Most of us are way too focused on what’s wrong when we should be turning away from what we are not wanting to see and seeing what we do want. Easier said than done, I know, but it really is pretty simple.

A young man in my Weight Training class asked me how to gain muscle mass. He is a smaller guy surrounded by lots of bigger guys. I can understand his desire to be bigger but what I really want him to embrace is who he IS NOW!

He is ADORABLE! Because he’s small and comparing himself to all the bigger guys out there, he’s holding himself apart from who he really is.

The more guys I meet that are of a smaller stature, the more I prefer their energy. Some people call it the “little guy complex”, but I abolutely love their energy.

They have a BOLD CONFIDENCE that is so magnetic to me. They carry themselves with such a strength and posture! They are more of who they are because they have to be!

I was married to a big, tall man (6’3″) for many years. It seems like his stature made him a little lazy in the confidence department…a little lazy in the way he carried himself.   I mean no disrespect  toward him–I just see a parallel in this area.  He didn’t have to be a bundle of energy, he has never been in a fight because people just saw the big tall body and didn’t challenge him in any way.

One of the smaller guys I know has a big temper and is always having to prove and protect himself…he gets in a few too many fights. That’s something he could tame a bit I’m sure, but who he is underneath is magnetic and full of charisma.

I just believe it is because he has had to urge forth more of the juice of who he is out of him.

Oh, I know I’m rambling a bit, but I really want to make this point. Smaller guys, just be who you are. Yes, it’s okay if you try to gain some muscle mass but know that you aren’t going to be one of those big tall hunky guys.

YOU ARE ALREADY so amazing because of what is inside you!

Let the energy inside you guide you to BE the person you are and don’t let the muscles you long to build be something that holds you apart from that energy.

The long and the short of it (no pun intended) is EMBRACE who and where you are now. If you knew who you are now, you wouldn’t be struggling so hard to GET something or somewhere else. JUST BE YOU! Enjoy the process of reaching for all you desire but embrace and love who you are now….I know I DO!